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Warren Anderson CEO Union Carbide at the time of the Bhopal Gas Disaster dies aged 92

Warren Anderson, CEO of Union Carbide Corporation at the time of 1984 Bhopal Disaster has died, aged 92, in a Florida nursing home.

Although his death was not announced it has been confirmed, from public records, that he died on the 29th September. Speculation is mounting that the death was unannounced so as not to draw attention to the Bhopal Disaster issue in light of its impending 30th anniversary on 2/3 December this year.

Mr. Anderson was still wanted on criminal charges of ‘culpable homicide not amounting to murder’ at the time of his death.

In an interview with The New York Times five months after the tragedy, Mr. Anderson spoke of his feelings: 

You wake up in the morning thinking, can it have occurred?” he said. “And then you know it has and you know it’s something you’re going to have to struggle with for a long time.”

Mr. Anderson was praised for his courage in going to Bhopal four days after the accident, where he was immediately arrested. But after quickly paying bail, he never returned to face trial. Despite his bail conditions requiring him to do so.

The Indian government made multiple requests to extradite him, and officially labeled him a fugitive. A judge there called him an “absconder.”

The Union Carbide Corporation remains wanted on the same charges.

The Dow Chemical Company took over Union Carbide in 2001 but Dow refuses to present Union Carbide to the Indian courts. On November 12th Dow Chemical must answer a summons to the Chief Judicial Magistrates Court to explain why it won’t present Union Carbide.

Warren Anderson will not now face any criminal charges

Tim Edwards, Bhopal Medical Appeal said: 

Any death is sad news, and this is no exception. However, Mr. Anderson's death has also gone some way to deny hundreds of thousands of Bhopal survivors the truth and reconciliation that should have been their right through processes of law and justice.

It's clear that U.S. authorities, in particular, have played a central role in protecting Mr. Anderson. We join demands that every effort is now made to bring Union Carbide Corporation - which, like Mr. Anderson, is on the run from charges of culpable homicide - to face trial for its role in the deaths of 25,000 innocent people, and the maiming of over half a million more.”

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