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The Christianity Myth

God isn't mad. He doesn't exist.

In his new book The Christianity Myth, K.A.G. Thackerey examines what little we know about first-century Christianity. He also examines what little we think we know about Christianity, period and takes a scientific look into the Bible and its teaching.

“After 30 years of regular church going, I still didn’t believe Christianity's claims about the resurrection of Jesus,” Thackerey said. “Eventually I attended a course to see what really committed Christians had to say on the subject, but I finished it feeling even more dubious than when I started.”

Thackerey concludes that there are two ways of explaining how Christianity started. One way is the traditional way, with divine intervention, and the other way is Thackerey’s way, without any God at all.

The Christianity Myth is a very controversial, eye-opening expose that challenges Christianity’s very essence, and both Christians and non-Christians alike will find it a riveting read.

“Are the Christian claims that Jesus was resurrected in Jerusalem 2000 years ago well founded?” said Thackerey. “If not, how come 2000 years later, we have a major world religion based entirely on a false premise?”

ISBN : 978-1-4969-9360-1



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